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Corporate Announcements
Broadcast Date / Time Subject Short Description Attachment
02/11/2023 6:00 pm Advertisements in Newspapers Advertisement of Financial Result for Half Year ended September 2023 in Newspapers Click here
30/10/2023 7:00 pm Outcome of the Board Meeting 1) Allotment of Shares 2) Considered, approved and took on record the Unaudited Financial Results along with Limited Review Report for the half year ended 30th September, 2023. 3)Transacted other business as may be deemed necessary with the permission of the Chair. Click here
06/09/2023 5:00 pm Outcome of the Board Meeting The following items were discussed in the meeting:- 1. Recommended Mr. Shantanu Kabre as retiring Director by rotation & who is eligible to reappoint as Director. 2. Increase in authorised share capital from existing Rs. 15,00,00,000 (Rupees Fifteen crore) divided into 1,50,00,000 (One Crore Fifty Lakhs Only) Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each to ₹ 25,00,00,000 (Rupees Twenty Five crore) divided into 2,50,00,000 (Two Crores Fifty Lakhs) Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each. 3. Issuance of Bonus Shares in the ratio of 1:1 [i.e. 1 (One) fully paid up equity shares for every 1 (One) equity share held] 4. Fixed 22/09/2023 as record date for bonus shares to the equity shareholders and Dividend payment. 5. Approved Director reports of the Company along with Annexures. 6. Approval of Secretarial Audit Report for the year 2022-23. 7. Approved Material Related Party Transaction(s). 8. Approved the migration process from SME to Main Board of BSE Subject to approval of members/exchanges. 9. Approved AGM notice. 10. Fixed date, time and location of 21st Annual General Meeting. 11. Appointed M/s Nitin Sharma & Co. as scrutinizer to conduct AGM and scrutiny of voting along with e-voting results. 12. Fixed cut off date for sending notice of Annual General Meeting. 13. Appointed Internal Auditor of the Company. 14. Appointed Secretarial Auditor of the Company. 15. Appointed marketing agency for giving inputs on Marketing, further visibility, Branding, creation of Brand awareness, development of print media pamphlets ets., Preparation TVC advertising and development of website and Commercial . Click here
15/03/2022 1:40 pm Investor Presentation Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation Click here
15/11/2021 5:18 pm Financial Results Board Meeting Outcome for Submission Of Un-Audited Financial Results (Standalone And Consolidated) Of Shri Venkatesh Refineries Limited For The Half Year Ended September 30, 2021, Along With Limited Review Reports Click here